BofB is creating immediate and powerful solutions to banking, trading, gambling and remittances while it continues to transform many other industries for the better. Adoption of the Metaverse will be the breaking point where crypto will start making much more sense than ever.

Banking has never been easy but crypto will transform how banks bank! Domestic and international remittances are becoming more agile with crypto. Trading with crypto is now 24/7/365 as opposed to stocks from M to F from 930 to 430 EST. Crypto is the NYSE's biggest threat. What is happening with Casinos in Vegas will have to consider itself lucky if it can even continue to stay in Vegas because crypto is taking over the world one industry at a time, and Casinos are not any exception.


BofB is unbreakable. Our platform abides by the higest standards in the industry.

BofB Coin is an ICO on the Solana blockchain

Contact BofB, get screened KYC/AML and buy BofB Coin if you are accredited. The BOFB Coin is a Solana token.

BTC SOL and USDT accepted

With BTC, SOL or USDT you can buy BOFB immediately and in a simple way.

About BOFB

BofB is a cryptocurrency platform to trade bitcoin and a very few other top-altcoins such as Solana, Ether and Cardano among others. In terms of crypto, there are essentially two different types of exchanges. The first ones are centralized and deal with fiat and crypto, while the second ones are decentralized, and operate purely in crypto, and do not deal with fiat at all. It is from both models that BofB will primarily focus on, the centralized model, but envisioned as a crypto only model/pl...

Token Sale

Starting time 08-01-2022
Ending time 01-04-2022
Token exchange rate 1.00
Number of tokens for sale 121,000,000,000,000 BOFB
Acceptable Currency BTC, ETH, USDT

Token Allocation

Private Sale - 2%
Coin Offering Stage One - 24.5%
Coin Offering Stage Two - 24.5%
Coin Offering Stage Three - 24.5%
Coin Offering Stage Four - 24.5%

Token Distribution

Token Sale - 95%
Shareholders Advisors and Founders - 2%
Employees [Four Year Lock In] - 1%
Seed Capital and Angel Investors - 1%
Coin Sale and Rewards Pool - 1%

Road Map

Frequently Asked Questions

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BOFB stands for BankOfBitcoin. BofB is not a bank yet but it is the board's ultimate goal to become a platform that offers all the services that a future banking paltform has to offer.

BofB [aka BankOfBitcoin] is not a bank as it does not possess any banking or money transmittal licenses required to operate as a bank. This is why BofB does not utilize the domain that we own "" -but it is forwarded to, nor do we hold oursevles visibly as "Bank of Bitcoin" as a brand, even though it is the company's utlimate goal upon receiving the sufficient funding from our Solana coin offering.

The main goal of BofB is to be a transitional platform which will change the services it offers as the industry demands it. This is why our slogan is "B meets B". We strated bing different. There is no possible chance we won't be different during our journey. We will contribute to the banking system's disruption.

The domains of and BankOfBitcoin were acquired in 2013 after selling an undisclosed amount of bitcoins. In 2017 BofB, Corp was formed in Delaware and in 2021 an LLC it was formed in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in the Caribbean region. The Delaware Corp was never used and the SVG LLC is being used at the moment to represent our actual project.

BofB is owned by BofB, LLC, a limited liability corporation located in the Island of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. It was formed on September 08 of 2021. BofB, LLC (SVG) is owned by an early investor in Bitcoin who bought bitcoins in 2010 and was able to envision the future this technology had. 

The C-Level officers at BofB can be emailed at bofb [@]

The BofB Coin was first issued on Ehtereum's platform and was never rolled out or utilized because of the serious gas issues that Ether has and because our devs mistakenly created two coins: BOBF and later corrected it to BOFB. 8 Billion ERC20 BoFB's were created. The tycker symbol is BOFB. Not one ERC20 BOFB has been ever been distributed to anybody. The keys remain in a safety box in a bank. A new token was created on Solana's platform and these are the coins BofB will use to crowdfund BOFB as an exhange, and hopefully one day as a bank once BofB's team were to ever reach this milestone.

21 billion BofB's were issued on November 25th of 2021 with eight [8] decimals: 21,000,000,000,000.00000000. The coin's ticker symbol on Solana's blockchain is "BOFB". This is BOFB's mint address: 45wdSjpSqZCk9mkqmq5Nh7beCEqqUJMJcVduwYCip5eq