BofB is creating immediate and powerful solutions to banking, trading, business and services in general and remittances just to name a few while it continues to transform many other industries for the better. Adoption of the Metaverse will be the breaking point where crypto will start making much more sense than ever.

Banking has never been easy but crypto will transform how banks conduct banking! Domestic and international remittances are becoming more agile with crypto. Trading with crypto is now 24/7/365 as opposed to stocks which are from M to F from 930 to 430 EST. Crypto is the NYSE's biggest threat. What is happening with Casinos in Vegas will have to "Stay in Vegas" because crypto is taking over the world one industry at a time, and Casinos are not any exception.


BofB is unbreakable. Our platform abides by the higest standards in the industry.

BofB Coin is an IDO on the Solana blockchain

Contact BofB; get screened KYC/AML and buy BofB Coin as an accredited investor. The BOFB Coin is a Solana token on Solana's blockchain.

BTC ETH SOL and USDC/USDT accepted

With BTC, SOL or USDT you can buy BOFB immediately and in a simple way.

About BOFB

BofB is a cryptocurrency platform to trade bitcoin and a very few other top-performing altcoins such as Solana, Ether and Cardano among others. In terms of crypto, there are essentially two different types of exchanges. The first ones that are centralized and deal with fiat and crypto; and the second ones that are decentralized, and operate purely in crypto, but do not deal with fiat at all. It is from both models that BofB will primarily focus on, the centralized model, but envisio...

Token Sale

Starting time 08-01-2022
Ending time 01-04-2022
Token exchange rate 0.00000008
Number of tokens for sale 21,000,000,000 BOFB
Acceptable Currency BTC, ETH, USDT

Token Allocation

Private Sale - 4%
Coin Offering Stage One - 24%
Coin Offering Stage Two - 24%
Coin Offering Stage Three - 24%
Coin Offering Stage Four - 24%

Token Distribution

Token Sale - 45%
Shareholders Advisors and Founders - 22%
Employees [Four Year Lock In] - 13%
Seed Capital and Angel Investors - 11%
Airdrop Giveaways and Whitelisting - 9%

Road Map

Frequently Asked Questions

BOFB stands for BankOfBitcoin but BofB is NOT a bank yet; Now, it is the board's ultimate goal to become a platform that offers all the services that a future banking paltform will offer. For the moment BOFB does not hold any money transmittal licenses in any jurisdiction nor country, but that is our ultimate goal, to be 100% compliant with governments so that we can make crypto stronger every day.

No, BofB [aka BankOfBitcoin] is not a bank as for the moment it does not possess any banking nor money transmittal licenses required to operate as a bank in any country nor jurisdiction, especially in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, where its corporate entity lies. This is why BofB does not utilize the domain which we own besides "" as a primary domain -but it is forwarded to, nor do we hold oursevles visibly as "Bank of Bitcoin" as a brand, even though it is the company's utlimate goal upon receiving the sufficient funding from our Solana token based offering.

The main goal of BofB is to be a transitional platform which will change the services it offers as the industry demands it from traditional banking services to a crypto-only model. This is why our slogan is "where [email protected] meets ₿itcoin." BofB started being different. There is no possible chance that BofB won't be different during this successful journey. BofB will contribute to the banking system's disruption. We want the best for the banking industry but we believe that crypto is the only way to improve the actual banking model we all know. the only way possible for now is with Bitcoin.

The domains of and BankOfBitcoin were acquired in 2013 after selling an undisclosed amount of bitcoins. In 2017 BofB, Corp was formed in Delaware and in 2021 an LLC was formed in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in the Caribbean region. The Delaware Corp was never used and the SVG LLC is being used at the moment to represent our actual project. BOFB also issued an ERC20 token with Ethereum's platform but the team later decided that a Solana token was more appropriate and that's what we will be using to launch our platform. We firmly believe that the future of the Solana ecosystem will be very promising. We encourage everyone to explore Solana. In 2010 the founder of BOFB bought bitcoins, but today he is invested in Solana because he envisions that Solana will be in the next ten years what he saw back in 2010 with Bitcoin.

BofB is owned by BofB, LLC, a limited liability corporation located in the Island of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in the Caribbean Islands. It was formed on September 08 of 2021. BofB, LLC (SVG) is owned by an early investor in Bitcoin who bought bitcoins in 2010 and was able to envision the future that this technology had, and he was not mistaken. Owning bitcoin led the founder to give birth to BOFB. Today BOFB's founder sees a lot of future in Solana's ecosystem and that is why we have created BOFB's coin as a Solana token. It is the fastest and cheapest platform in the industry up until today, it is scalable and it will continue to be the most economic and undisputed blockchain among all its competitors for a long time. To explore Solana, download https://Phantom.App and connect it with and/or

The C-Level officers at BofB can be emailed at bofb [@] Otherwise Twitter: @bofbdc; Discord: @bofb; Telegram: @bofbdc.

The BofB Coin was first issued on Ehtereum's platform and was never rolled out nor utilized because of the serious gas issues that Ether has and because our devs mistakenly created two coins: BOBF and later they corrected it to BOFB. 8 Billion ERC20 BoFB's were created. BOFB's ticker symbol is BOFB. Not one ERC20 BOFB has ever been distributed to anybody. The keys remain unutilized in a safety box at a bank. A new token was later created in November of 2021 on Solana's platform and these are the coins BofB is utilizing to crowdfund BOFB as an exhange. This is BOFB's mint address on Solana's blockchain: . The BOFB coin has 21 billion units and 8 decimals.

21 billion BofB's were issued on November 25th of 2021 with eight [8] decimals: 21,000,000,000,000.00000000. The coin's ticker symbol on Solana's blockchain is "BOFB". This is BOFB's mint address: 45wdSjpSqZCk9mkqmq5Nh7beCEqqUJMJcVduwYCip5eq   

Instructions Step by Step.

1. You are going to need a wallet first and foremost! offers the most popular and functional option in the market, all available in a browser extension.

2. Next up, gas. Head to which should provide you the opportunity to buy some SOL [Solana]. Send that to your Phantom wallet, and you’re ready to trade on Solana's blockchain.

3. Head to an exchange where BOFB can be bought and click “Connect” at the top right or “Unlock Wallet” dead ahead and connect your Phantom wallet. Follow the prompts and allow the exchange to view your accounts and addresses.

4. Click on “Select a currency” above where it now says “Enter an amount” and paste in the token contract address or look it up by our ticker symbol "BOFB" and/or 45wdSjpSqZCk9mkqmq5Nh7beCEqqUJMJcVduwYCip5eq

5. Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to 11% (you can set this higher if volume is high and you want to confirm your purchase!)

6. Enter the amount of BOFB you’d like to trade and click swap! If you have any issues, be sure to round the number of BOFB tokens to the nearest 0 as fractions can be difficult for exchanges. Just don’t forget to leave a little SOL so you don’t get stuck without gas!

BOFB's liquidity will be locked for the first 24 months for airdrops, whitelisting and employees. The founder tokens will be locked for 4 years vesting 25% each year. The only tokens which do not have vesting are those bought in any sale on a given exchange in which BofB is traded as well as those acquired by investors of any class.

BOFB's initial supply is 21 billion with 8 decimals: BOFB 21,000,000,000.00000000.-

BofB's IDO will happen somewhere around February-April 2022. We have not established a precise date but we do know that it will happen around this time on 2022.

BofB's whitelist will open around the last days of January 2022. More news will be available soon. Please check here again.

The Solana Program Library (SPL) is a collection of on-chain programs targeting the Sealevel parallel runtime. These programs are tested against Solana's implementation of Sealevel, solana-runtime, and deployed to its mainnet.

Please note that citizens from the following countries are not allowed to participate in buying BOFB, trading it, nor in its Airdrop, IDO or Whitelist:


The United States of America

South Korea










More countries can be added from time to time and we will inform it on Please check before trying to do anything with BOFB.

The main exchange to buy BOFB -even today- is 

Sign up and follow our AML/KYC instructions so that we can determine whether you qualify or not, and you will receive instructions on next steps.